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You're enthustiastic, you want to create great solutions that you can be proud of, you want to improve and grow? Take a look at the kind of people we're currently seeking and see if you recognize yourself!

Analyst / Software architect

First line. You have the experience with software projects, you were a developer, you have seen both bad and good systems and tried to make them better. If you know how to improve things, assess the necessary time for completion and resources, be helpful with great analysis and good architecture, love to communicate with clients and help developers to finish what was specified - then you're the right person for this job.

Necessary skills and qualities: UML (from use case, sequence diagram, class diagram...), requirements analysis, managing developers towards the specified solution, communication and a cool head.

Necessary experience: A minimum of 2 years as a developer.

Bonus: CRM / telco terminology, familiarity with business processes (lead, sales processes, order management).

Keywords: Solution design (high and low level design), functional and technical specification.

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Software developer

Cornerstone. You love coding and you wish more of it. You are a logical person who wants to create and move the world forward with innovative technological solutions. If you like working with different technologies on many various projects, involving different teams (other companies, other countries), if you are not afraid of being a full-stack developer, if you are not afraid of support and development - you are the person for this job.

Necessary skills and qualities: programming, backend or frontend, experience is a plus, openness, a sense of humour is a great asset.

Bonus: CRM / telco terminology.

Keywords: Oracle pl/SQL, .NET, MVC.NET, javascript, HTML5.

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Development assistance

Everything that makes a software company better. Designer, marketing, sales, administration. You are familiar with software development process, you love to work on meaningful projects, relevant to the software market. If you are a designer (web, css) or a project manager on software projects, have ideas for marketing and sales of IT services and products or can help in some other way, contact us.

Necessary skills and qualities: Design or project management or software marketing and sales.

Bonus: CRM / telco terminology, experience with software projects.

Keywords: CSS, agile development.

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