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What is Ofca?

Ofca is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for producing quick and accurate offers for configurable product definition, primarily intended for telecommunications (CSP - Communication Service Provider) companies.

Solution covers B2C and B2B including small and large enterprise companies opportunities and it makes the sales process faster, more efficient and successful.

  • No need for developers
    It is intended to be used by product team members, sales reps and managers, without need for developers. Offer process contains three easy steps: creating offers, reviewing offers and approving offers.
  • Integration with existing business tools
    Integration with existing business tools used across all departments in company (e.g. ERP and CRM systems).
  • No need for additional costs
    As Ofca is a configurable SaaS product, the only expenses are software licences, without need for additional costs such as complex implementations and IT expert help.
  • All product changes, configurations and prices updated in real time
    Solution enables increased sales efficiency and sales cycle speed because Ofca updates all product changes, configurations and prices in real time and simplifies administrative tasks so that the sales representative can focus more on interacting with customers.
  • All the necessary sales pipeline information in one central place
    This way, the pricing data is streamlined so companies can save time and make more sales. It increases cooperation between the various departments involved in the offer process, product teams, sales representatives and managers.
  • Producing quick and accurate offers
    Ofca enables quick production of accurate and highly configured offers for customers, whether it is updating the existing offers or creating new ones. It can detect cross-sell and upsell opportunities that some sales representatives might not recognize.
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