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Commando is a Coupon Management System solution used for keeping all your coupon data and marketing processes related to coupon codes in one place. Coupon lifecycle orchestration will make sure promotion coupon issuing, states and code format remain consistent across all your markets, channels and promotions. If you wish to help your marketing automation tool achieve the best results, integrate with Commando to automate coupon generating or assigning to your customers. API integration allows coupon lifecycle management for all your coupon offering channels (web shop, CRM, self-care, e-mail, etc).

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Management Application
Central user application for managing your coupons, viewing coupon states and usage.

Coupon Code issuing
Coupon codes issuing could be achieved by importing (series or single) or generating a number of coupons by predefined code format. Through Coupon Management Application multiple coupon formats could be set. Example of formats covered: exact coupon code length, defined character set (alphabet, numbers, special characters), code prefix or suffix, 2D barcode.

Named or unnamed coupons
Coupons could be named and assigned to match the code of the exact customer offer or you could create one unnamed coupon code valid for all customers who participate in the promotion.


Coupon Lifecycle Orchestration
The module is used for handling a coupon lifecycle, from issuing a coupon to its redemption (offer taken), for the customer. Lifecycle also supports actions like assigning coupons to users, coupon validation or coupon redemption.

Commando API
Allows external systems (coupon offering channels or marketing automation tool) to execute actions upon coupon database; generate new coupon promotion, create new coupon codes, retrieve coupon information, validate or change coupon lifecycle state, etc.

Pure Win integration
COMMANDO integrates with the out-of-the-box Pure Win solution, thus allowing promotion offering and promotion coupons generation from one central place (Pure Win).


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