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What is TIGAR?

TIGAR is enterprise Data Protection and Data Governance (e.g. GDPR) solution including Consent Database and Data Governance modules. Solution is best suited for companies with need of a single point of truth (master) GDPR database with multiple channels for collecting consents (web, call centre, direct sales etc.).

The advantage of using TIGAR as your GDPR solution is that you’ll have one database where all your data protection business rules, consent database and subject info reside and from which these rules could be configured.

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Consent Database

The module is used for configuring consents defined by regulators you wish to be collecting and storing consents for each subject (business or private). The module contains the most relevant consents that the subject has agreed upon as well as the subject’s history of consent collecting.

Data Governance

Define processes and personal data used across systems in your IT landscape. Enforce rules upon subject data like the right to be forgotten, right to access, etc. The module connects all your systems to subject data per system.


Management Application
Point and click configuration of consents (by your DPO) or data governance rules (personal data, systems, processes; mapping of personal data to a process or system).

Omnichannel Solution
API layer allows external systems to view or change the subject’s consent or governance rules. Rules changed this way are stored in the TIGAR database. Channel examples: CRM, account details on the web, self-care application, mobile apps etc.


One view of the subject
All actions are executed upon the subject - a private person or company for whom the consents are collected or governance rules are enforced. The subject rules and consents are visible from one place. The subject main identifier could be configured by your business need or vertically (e.g. social number, tax number, mobile number, e-mail address etc.), while there could be multiple identifiers as well.

Central Database
Consent Database and Data Governance modules are exposed via an API layer for external systems to use. In that sense, customer-facing systems in your landscape.

Consent collecting application (optional)
A customer-facing application that could be used as a standalone channel for consent collecting. In that manner, the application could be used for a specific case (e.g. collecting consents in shops / direct sales).

Provisioning of governance rules (optional)
If needed, custom provisioning could be developed for provisioning of governance rules (right to be forgotten, right to access).


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