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STEP ONE:  Discovery
Analyzing client's needs, challenges and technologies they use.
STEP TWO:  Estimate
After specifying the solution together, we make an estimate and send it to a client.
STEP THREE:  Technical solution design
Suggesting appropriate solution, taking into consideration client's current business environment and systems they live with.
STEP FOUR:  Implementation on the way
Agile development processes allows us to deliver most business value fast with minimum risk to the project. It does not skip any major steps in the software development lifecycle, which ensures software quality and on-time delivery.
STEP FIVE:  Verification and education
Verifying the solution with users, educating client's technical team and users.
STEP SIX:  Application is live
We support our solutions all the way, including GoLive. We are using continuous deployment and delivery so if there is a need to add feature after the project has been finish - we'll do that as well not impacting users experience and application usage.
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