we create
    daily workload reduction

Everybody talks about cutting costs.

We don't seem to mean business

Because we want to hear how you feel about your workplace.
What makes your workday? What do you consider redundant? What is the thing that annoys you most? What takes too much time that could be done more quickly?

Our employees weren't born to do this job

They took their time to find what they love to create - that's why they develop excellent IT solutions. They think about their profession even after they leave the office. In fact, they're thinking about you - how to help you solve your problems and challenges.

You won't get an all-in-one solution

You will get exactly what you need at exactly the right time. Without any unnecessary options, bloated user interfaces, applications with an endless learning curve. You will get just what you really need!

What we offer doesn't seem expensive and awesome

We are focused on reality and real-world user cases - not on appearances and shiny looks. We want you to feel safe and to enjoy the tools you are using on daily basis.